Payment Link

Creating a Payment Link via Dashboard

  1. Select Payment Link Type:

    • Fixed Price: Choose this option to create a payment link for a product with a fixed price. You can either create a one-time product or select an existing one from your inventory.

    • Variable Price: Users can enter the desired amount. This option is suitable for donation purposes or when the price may vary.

    • Subscription: Create a payment link for monthly recurring payments, such as subscription services.

  2. Collect Customer Information:

    • Enable various options such as name, email, phone number, billing and shipping address, and custom fields from the user side. This ensures that during the checkout session, users are prompted to provide necessary information.

  3. Advanced Options:

    • Redirect URL: Set a specific URL where users will be redirected after a successful payment. This could be a thank you page or a confirmation page.

    • Success Message: Customize the message displayed to users upon successful payment completion. This message provides reassurance and confirms that the transaction was successful.

    • Discount Options: Allow for the inclusion of discount codes or promotional offers during the checkout process. This encourages users to make purchases by providing incentives such as discounts or special offers.

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