Crypto Invoice

Crypto Invoice via Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Invoice Page: Access the Invoice page and initiate the process by clicking on the "Create invoice" button.

  2. Add/Select Customer: If the customer is new, add their details from the select box. Otherwise, choose an existing customer from the list. You can also add customer from here.

  3. Invoice Details: Provide essential information such as the choose network and token, set a due date, and other relevant details to tailor the invoice according to your needs.

  4. Items: Add invoice items, including one-time items or create new ones as required. You have the flexibility to include multiple items and perform actions such as adding, editing, or deleting them as needed.

  5. Additional Options: Customize the invoice further by adding a memo and footer. These additional options allow you to include personalized messages or additional information for your customers.

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