To connect Stripe with Copperx for card payments, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account with Copperx: Sign up for an account with Copperx if you haven't already. You'll need to provide necessary details to register.

  2. Navigate to Payment Settings: Once logged into your Copperx account, find the payment settings section. This is usually located within your account dashboard or settings menu.

  3. Click on "Add Stripe - Card Payments": Within the payment settings, locate the option to add payment methods. Choose "Stripe - Card Payments" from the available options.

  1. Fill in Required Information: After selecting Stripe as the payment method, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter necessary information. You'll need to provide your Publishable API key and Secret API key. You can obtain these keys from your Stripe account dashboard. Navigate to to find your Publishable and Secret API keys.

  1. Enter Publishable and Secret API Keys: Copy and paste the Publishable API key and Secret API key from your Stripe account dashboard into the corresponding fields in the pop-up window within the Copperx platform.

  1. Save Changes: After entering the API keys, ensure that you save the changes. This typically involves clicking a "Add" button within the pop-up window.

  2. Verify Integration: Once the keys are successfully added, Copperx should be connected to Stripe for card payments. You can verify the integration by testing a checkout session or reviewing the payment settings to ensure that Stripe is listed as an active payment method.

Following these steps should allow you to successfully connect Stripe with Copperx for processing card payments via checkout sessions. Make sure to keep your API keys secure and never share them publicly.

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