Understand Crypto Payment

Cryptocurrency payments revolutionize the exchange of value by utilizing decentralized technology. Here's how payments flow with Copperx:

Checkout Session

  1. Unique Address Generation: For every checkout session, Copperx generates a unique cryptocurrency address. This ensures that each transaction is securely associated with its respective order.

  2. Payment Through Wallet: Customers can pay using their browser-based wallet or any other digital wallet. Payment is made by signing a transaction that sends cryptocurrency directly to the unique address generated.

  3. QR Code Scanning: Alternatively, customers can scan the provided QR code, which contains the unique address and payment amount information, to initiate the payment from their mobile wallet app.

Payment from Exchanges

Customers also have the flexibility to pay directly from centralized exchanges. By using the unique address or QR code associated with their checkout session, they can transfer funds directly to the merchant.

Immediate Transfer to Business Wallet

Upon receipt of the payment at the unique address, the funds are immediately transferred to the business's wallet in the same transaction. Copperx facilitates this process without holding any payments, ensuring instant and direct transfers.

Push Payment Model

Unlike traditional credit systems, cryptocurrency payments are push-based. This means the customer actively sends, or "pushes", the payment to the merchant's address. There is no intermediary authorization step; instead, the transaction is signed and authorized by the customer's wallet, creating a direct and secure payment experience.

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