Payment Setting

To add payment settings in Copperx Gateway, follow these steps:

Payment settings are mandatory to proceed with transactions.

  • Access Settings Page: Navigate to the Settings page in your Copperx Gateway account.

  • Add Preferred Payment Methods: Once on the Settings page, you can add your preferred payment methods. These may include options such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Solana, and more.

  • Enable Stripe (Optional): If you wish to accept payments via credit or debit cards, you can enable the Stripe integration. This allows you to accept card payments seamlessly.

By configuring your payment settings, you ensure smooth and efficient transaction processing through Copperx Gateway.

Managing Currency Preferences in Copperx Gateway

In addition to payment settings, Copperx Gateway offers advanced options for managing currency preferences. Here's how you can configure them:

  1. Default Network Selection: Select your preferred blockchain network, which will take precedence during your checkout session.

  2. Default Currency Setting: Set your preferred currency for transactions during the checkout session.

  3. Currency Conversion: Enable currency conversion for flexible transaction handling. This feature allows you to seamlessly swap currencies, providing greater flexibility in transaction processing.

By customizing your currency preferences, you optimize the checkout experience for both you and your customers on Copperx Gateway.

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