• What are the Platform fees?

    Currently, we do not charge any platform fees. This means you can transfer money internally to any Copperx user or email at no cost.

  • What is the withdrawal fee?

    Amount per transactionTransaction Fees

    < 50k USD

    $35 + 1%

    ≥ 50k USD

    $35 + 0.5%

  • Which countries are supported?

    We offer withdrawal support to bank accounts or mobile wallets in over 70 countries. Additionally, we have local partners for offramping (converting crypto to fiat) in countries like India.

  • How do you handle compliances across multiple countries?

    We collaborate with licensed and regulated partners worldwide to ensure your safety and security.

    • Bridge - Licensed in the US as an MSB

    • Encryptus

    • Persona - Trusted partner for KYC, KYB, and AML

    • Hyperverge - Trusted KYC & AML partner in India

  • Who are your licensed partners?

    Please refer to the information provided on 'How do you handle compliances across multiple countries?' for details about our licensed partners.

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